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How do we signal our intentions in one domain with action or inaction in another domain?
Many political leaders from diverse countries are making the same speeches, but are thinking about the problem in very different ways.
There is concern about increased morphing in the policy debate are capabilities needed more for deterrence or more for warfighting?
Escalation reflects an effort to deter or compel an adversarys behavior at lower cost due to uncertainty about what it will eventually take to prevail in conflict.
Limited attacks are very tempting and at a low level are very likely to happen will there be a mechanism to prevent rapid escalation?Read more While the most common method of metal 3D printing is growing exponentially, moving forward from producing prototypes to manufacturing critical parts will be possible only by reaching a fundamental understanding of the complex physics behind the process.If its really vital, then the US should be prepared to go to war to protect that capability.Deterrence thinking came to academic maturity with the works of Brodie, Schelling, and Kahn.They might not know that the DOE is one of the largest supporters of technology transfer in the federal government, or that some 2,792 agreements existed between DOEs labs and their partners in FY14.While Herman Kahns escalation ladder has cross-domain elements, you may want to visualize cross-domain deterrence using a number of parallel escalation ladders akin to a graphic equalizer.For example, during Desert Storm, the US attack on Iraqs electric grid had a counter-force objective but was criticized for its impact on people and considered by some to have had disproportionate counter-value even counter population effects.

Mentors and mentees pair in a speed dating format, rotating every three minutes.
Read more llnl announces it will receive a first-of-a-kind brain-inspired supercomputing platform for deep learning developed by IBM Research.
Read more Lawrence Livermore researchers work on 14 new grid research projects as part of the Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium announced by Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.
Woody, BNL Westin Harbour Castle HotelNSS Program Chairman: Stan Majewski, Jefferson LabNSS Deputy Program Chairman: Howard Fenke, Jefferson Lab;MIC Program Chairman: Les Rogers, Univ.
Contents Top science stories.Read more Lawrence Livermore National Security galaxy tab 4 oferta signs a new agreement with the Livermore Laboratory Employee Services Association to provide employee services for another four years. .Page 40 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Yellow links are accessible on the Labs internal Web network only.As these problems become more complex, we need to do more gaming to understand interactions and effects.Shea, Editor Statler-Hilton 10 1963 San Diego, CA October 29 November 1 International Symposium on Plasma Phenomena and Measurement ieee ptgns Tenth Anniversary Meeting.Llnl high performance computing plays a major role in the initiative; llnl Director Bill Goldstein and Jason Paragas of Global Security attend the summit.Cyber threats and the potential to produce physical damage and loss of life through cyber means have expanded the scope of thinking and actions in cross-domain deterrence.Kirsten Sprott, administrative specialist for Public Affairs at llnl on her experience participating in the Reebok Ragnar Napa Valley relay race.Countries with limited conventional capabilities may tend toward the tripwire end of the spectrum, whereas countries with a wide range of capabilities to bring to bear may tend toward the extremis end.